Gears && Scrap Metal
The Life and Style of Hytek from Hollywood. Its been 20 rotations on this Earth so far. And Ive come a long way, with farther to go before the battery dies. See the upgrades and crashes. My life as I live. o_o Hey Bro wassup?!

Do you see the style Van Gogh used in this beautiful artwork? I’m impressed.
Amazon Acquires Twitch
twitch logo

Twitch has announced it has been acquired by Amazon. What does that mean for users and the company’s future.

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Go Teen Titans Go !

For the time being Cartoon network has redeemed itself from killing off good shows and brining on some shows that just I don’t want to even think about.
Does This Feel Indie
indie games

In a lot of genres, “Indie” has become most of a stylistic feel rather than just being lower budget and not from a major company. Large labels endorse Indie bands and large film companies have Indie distributors. Has the videogame industry also come into form by having Indie games be about quirkiness than just being from a smaller publisher?

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Games With Gold: Dishonored

Dishonored, something that a lot of people love, but a lot of people haven’t played, is now free on XBox Live’s Games With Gold.








look what we have here

i have legitimately never laughed harder and for as long in my entire life

I sat here until my eyes glazed over and then was thinking ‘this is so dumb its just three wells’ and then

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It is 2.30 in the morning and there is a live 8 piece mariachi band next to my window. 8 pieces. They have a horn section. Its 2.30 in the morning. Why?! They are doing covers. They just played “Blow the Whistle” by 2 short. Its 2.30 IN THE MORNING! My neighbors are BLACK!