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The Life and Style of Hytek from Hollywood. Its been 20 rotations on this Earth so far. And Ive come a long way, with farther to go before the battery dies. See the upgrades and crashes. My life as I live. o_o Hey Bro wassup?!


Celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary with the Best of Batman on Texts From Superheroes




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So. I had a pretty cool day with my gf. Went to a meet annd greet with friends, hung out alone, got food. It was all well, until we pulled into my driveway. We joke and talk and the regular, then she starts up with her phone. She looks up a porn site and we laugh at what comes up, this isn’t too unusual for us. Next thing I know there’s a lez porn playing and I’m getting head. My brain power is gone and I’m a human veggietable in this car seat in public. Cars pass, life continues, and my soul leaves my body. By the time I come back to earth, an hour has passed and she has to go. I barely form clear thoughts as we fumble goodbyes. If only everyday was like this.

If there one thing I can’t stand its uselessness through redundancy without potential. That’s what this job is.

So I have a few spare minute to muse inn y bosses office. Here goes:

Today I got word that Adam Sessler quit game reviews. This is more upsetting than anything else that happened today.

For me, its like hearing Michael Jordan quit playing basketball. Sessler has been an exaple for me since his Gamespot days. He has a lot to do with what I want to be in my own review site.

No matter what he chooses from here, it will be my MJ and Baseball. There’s no one to watch for game reviews that’s as unbias. I wish him the best, but an era is truly gone.

Square Enix suits up for PAX East 2014

Square Enix suits up for PAX East 2014

Square Enix is getting to bring the show for PAX East 2014. The publisher has announced three games and 2 panels. Their show floor is ready to light up the stage.

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What doesn’t kill you gives you XP.
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Welcome to the NHK: Review


Welcome to the NHK is not a show that is  going to end up on a lot of must watch lists. There aren’t a bunch of crazy powers or situations. Welcome to the NHK is about reality. That is why it is so impressive and holds a place in my heart.


Welcome to the NHK follows Tatsuhiro Sato as he battles  being a shut-in and never going outside. He lives off of an allowance. He is full of conspiracy…

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Goat Simulator: Let Me Explain

Goat Simulator: Let Me Explain


Goat Simulator is exactly what it sounds like, you play a goat. The beauty of this game is that it isn’t a serious take on the life of a goat. In Goat Simulator, you orchestrate havoc in the city and cause as much destruction as possible.

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